Friday, November 6, 2009

Meeting with Dr. Morrissey

I met with the plastic surgeon Wednesday.  Unfortunately, I’m not a candidate for using my own tissue for reconstruction due to all the abdominal surgeries I’ve had for endometriosis.  So, no tummy tuck – crap.  Oh, well, at least I’m going to have a boob.  So, I’m pretty happy.

Dr. Morrissey was fantastic!  He met & spoke to me, WITH MY CLOTHES ON!  Ladies, you know how dumb you feel when you’re sitting there, meeting a doctor for the first time, with a “gown” on.  Then, he examines you, with your feet in stirrups.  In situations like that, I have to bite my tongue – hard – to keep from saying, “Was it good for you?  Because, honestly, it really sucked for me”.

And couldn’t they come up with a better word for those “gowns”?  Doesn’t the word “gown” usually refer to a glamorous dress?  There’s nothing glamorous about them, nor do they resemble a dress.  I wish I could think of something better to call them.  If you can think of something, let me know! 

After we spoke, it was time for the examination.  I’m not going to lie to you, it was uncomfortable.  Not physically uncomfortable, but, embarrassing.  I don’t think it would matter if it was Mother Theresa doing the exam, it would still be awkward.  He took measurements of my breasts, then he snapped some photos; cheeky fellow (just kidding)!  Then, after he & his nurse had done all the measuring, he told me to get my clothes back on & we’d speak.  Again, Yeah!  Clothes ON before speaking again.

Aubrie & Elyse were in the waiting room, so I asked if they could come in when he discussed what would probably be happening.  I say probably because he stressed that they won’t know what will happen until they actually do the surgery.  But, Dr. Quiros & his staff had faith in him, & after meeting him, so do I.  I’m trusting that he’ll do the best job for me.  I know that he’ll do whatever he can to make me feel “normal”.  As normal as one can in this type of situation.

Dr. Morrissey was so sweet to explain to both me & the girls about what I could expect.  I didn’t feel as if he was rushing me, nor did I feel like I was just another person he had to see on his rotation.  Honestly, I think that other doctors could take a lesson from the doctors & staff that I’ve been meeting.  They’ve all been fantastic, supportive, & caring.  I know I’m in good hands.

I’ll be meeting with him the Wednesday before my surgery (November 23rd), so he can answer any other questions I may have.  I’m really grateful for that, as I’m still researching reconstruction.

If I’m being honest, though, Matt is always afraid about what I can do with a little knowledge.  He feels it contributes to my “Luciness”.  Translation:  I usually screw up & say the wrong thing, especially if I think I know something.  I seem to be lacking that editing button that most folks have between their brain & their mouths.  My mouth seems to always win in that fight.  Heavy sigh.

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