Sunday, November 29, 2009

Article before the article - huh?

I’m waiting for the visiting nurse, the Eagles are coming on, & we’re trying to decorate the house.  I’ll post about what happened later.  In the meantime, I’ll probably reference what is now commonly called, “The Beast”.  Rather than go off on another completely confusing tangent, you can read about it (thus understanding when I mention it again this month) here:

This isn’t mandatory though!!  I just thought it might give you a better idea of what transpires in my house during Christmas & Christmas decorating.  Adding breast cancer has made it that much more chaotic.

Don’t judge me!

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Manohar Singh said...

i do pretty much the exact same thing, local vhosts and all. taking nightly backups of /home is easy with rsync, so when anything goes awry, i just pull down the folder from my vps. since the cronjob itself is in the folder, even my backup script gets backed up. what ide do you use? Turbans

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