Monday, February 11, 2013

Moving on . . . .

As you may know, I've written my humor column that ran in over 20 cities for AOL's Patch over 2 years. In fact, if you scroll down, you can read my indictment of the pink ribbon marketing bonanza which was a departure from my normal silliness. I tapped into my old job as a journalist to expose the massive amounts of money being made by simply slapping a pink ribbon on some product or another. The biggest problem is that miniscule amounts of money were donated to any charity or went to help cancer patients. Most of the money was pure profit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of making money. But I detest when it’s done based on tapping into humanity’s innate desire to help and it’s even more despicable when it’s made from the suffering of others.

I haven’t decided whether I despise the corporations who slap that pink ribbon on their product and paint the town pink for “Pinktober” or the charities that claim to be helping women like me (cough, Komen, cough, cough). One of the worst charities, in my opinion, is Komen, who barely spent 17% of their earnings from the pink ribbon marketing cash cow to anything remotely helpful. Worse, their signature fragrance had ingredients directly linked to causing breast cancer. Helpful little bunch, wouldn’t you say? But, like I said, you can scroll down to read the series.

I’ve changed direction, and am finally writing my book. It’s tentatively called, “My Heels are Alive (and are trying to kill me)”. I’m almost done – woo hoo! So that’s another reason I haven’t been writing for y’all with any regularity.

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Thank you.

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