Monday, May 16, 2011

My "addaboobtome" is growing near!

Before I launch into what's coming this Friday, here's what's been happening in my "real" life (life outside of cancer).

My article, "That Darned Cat" is up in several cities – woo hoo! But guess what other bone headed thing I'm doing? One of my editors, Josh, thought it would be really funny to send me up to the Iron Pigs with a camera crew!  I guess after I annoyed Scott Palmer at the Phillies, he figured he could send me to the minors to see what kind of trouble I can get in. Oh, brother, we all know what kind of trouble I can get into!!

The article that gives the details is "Ask a Question, Win a Hat". The thing is, it's being read all over the place (Josh can keep track of the hits); I mean, tons. But here's the problem - no one is asking a question! I'm like, really? I guess if I knew for sure that Chase Utley was going to be there (according to our sports guys, there's a possibility he'll be here for a short time while he rehabs), people would be sending questions left & right. Even though I don't know baseball, I thought that Domonic Brown guy was supposedly going to be the next big thing. Sigh. 

I'm sending links to the article to local schools & colleges. Kids are usually more curious than adults, and probably have more knowledge about the team. But it was pretty weird; I sent it to my alma mater, Upper Perkiomen. As I was looking over the staff directory, it hit me that I know very few of the teachers. 

And now I feel old and am going to go sulk in the corner.

Please ask around & see if anyone has a question they'd like me to ask. If I don't get more questions, I'm going to actually behave like a real reporter. You know me, that's not fun even a little bit. But now you know why I've bothered you with this whole rant.

Crap. Wish me luck! Wait, I should probably say, wish the Iron Pigs luck.

 And now, for something completely different.

This Friday, Matt & I are heading to Fox Chase to meet with Dr. Topham. Hopefully, we'll be scheduling my addaboobtome. I'm really looking forward to that; well, not the surgery, cause it's supposed to hurt like a bear! It's the having boobies that I'm looking forward to.

I'm really nervous, but it's time. I mean, when you consider that the original mastectomy was November 2009, it's been a year and a half. I've been speaking to several friends, since I'm sure we'll be discussing size. I'll let you know what I decide on. I don't want them too big, although I've always wondered what Dolly Parton looked like. Then again, I don't want to have to part them to get a look at my feet. This ought to be good!

Oh, and my hair is really coming in now. It's about 2 inches up top, and between 3-5 all over because the top was the last to start growing. You've heard about womens' hair growing in a different colour, right? Well, that's not the problem. Mine is still dark, but it's much curlier than it was. Still, the top took forever to grow in. I began to think I might end up looking like a curly headed female version of Dr. Phil. Yeah, that's attractive. 

I wanted to thank you guys for emailing your recommendations for hair stylists. Hopefully, in the fall, I'll be good to take you up on your suggestions! And, I'll try to take a picture of my hair the way it is now. Wait, I'll have Elyse take a picture of me; we don't want another flash bulb blinding incident (Mascara's Magic Wand)!

I'll post as soon as I get my surgery date! 

The next time I get on an elevator with 4 or more strangers, I'm going to turn to them & say, "I'm sure you're all wondering why I called this meeting."
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