Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I've been deported!!

Yup, I had surgery yesterday to take out my port, making me officially de"port"ed.  Get it?  The next time I have surgery won't be until well after the New Year – need a break!  But, I'll be excited for this one, my "addaboobtome" (add a boob to me).  I can't take credit for these terms, though.  Matt had a LOT of time on his hands yesterday & came up with them.  At least we had a laugh.  On second thought, I wonder if the other people in the pre-op area thought we were nuts.  I mean, we were laughing before I was being wheeled into surgery.  Hey, we're Lucy & Ricky – it's expected (that's my story & I'm stickin' to it).

OK, folks, here's the update.

Monday I went for the dry run at the radiologist's (Dr. Cardiges) office.  Honestly, the nurses there are wonderful too.  Anyway, they used the time to program the computer specifically for me.  This will decrease the amount of time I'm there, since it'll all be automatic.  They'll position me correctly, turn the machine on & let it do its work.  At least, that what I took away from the experience.  I'll keep you posted on that.

If I'm being honest, though, I'm nervous about radiation burns.  I see Dr. Cardiges next Wednesday & I think I should raise that concern to him.  I don't know why I didn't think of it when I met him.  ~heavy sigh~  Or, duh, I could ask the nurses tomorrow.  

Yesterday, Dr. Quiros removed my chemo port – WOO HOO!  It was quick, & I didn't have general anesthesia.  They used something called "twilight sleep" but  I call it plain old sleep.  They pushed some drugs into my IV, & that was all she wrote for ol' Lucy.  As usual, Dr. Quiros was terrific; such a cutie.  I looked like death warmed over, though, as I hadn't had a good night's sleep for three days.  My eyes were slits & I was pale as a ghost. 

Worse, I couldn't wear makeup, which is against my personal religion.  "Thou shalt not leave thy house without proper spackling & colour application".  Well, it's not one of those big time commandments, but, you get the point.  It sucked.

For some reason, I was waaayyyy nervous for the surgery (this entry should be called the nervous post).  I have no clue why.  I mean, I had a mastectomy, for heaven's sake.  You'd have thought that this would have been a walk in the park.  I was all whiney & stuff, which isn't normal for me.  Well, OK, maybe whining, but I usually reserve that for when I don't get my way. Since that doesn't happen a lot (giggle), I usually don't whine.  Much.

Okey doke, tomorrow starts my 6 weeks of radiation therapy.  Then, I'm done - & hopefully, cancer free.  And cancer can suck it.

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