Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Short update.

I had chemo today.  Even though I was happy to get back to it, it also means Neulasta tomorrow.  The doctor said that not every one responds to Neulasta the same way; that it doesn't bother everyone the way it does me.  

Well, that just sucks because it KILLS me!!!

Of course, I’m thinking I’m just the world’s biggest whack job.  Which, sadly, may be very true.

Anyway, I came home & slept all afternoon, got up & nibbled a little, took some medicine, & now I’m going back to sleep.  I know, what a GLAMOROUS life I lead!!

Will write more when I’m conscious.   

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Tamara....God's peace and blessings upon you, dear girl. Hang in there! You have so many people pulling for you. I am sorry you have to go through all this. You don't deserve a lick of it!

Paige Neuman

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