Thursday, March 18, 2010

NOT the Big Head Blog Entry - Sorry!

Hi, Everyone,

My daughter, Aubrie, drove me to see Dr. Quiros on Friday.  Here we are:
It was so nice to see him & it’s always good to have another set of eyes on my incision.  He said that the incision is looking good, & that I’m doing pretty darned good for all my set backs.  Yeah, me!  And, as always, he answered all my questions, no matter how dumb they may have been.  I’m telling you, people, if you need a surgeon, he’s your guy!  He may look young, but, boy, he’s good.  I just always seem to feel better after I see him.

Tuesday, the 16th I had my chemo.  That meant I was able to take one of my bracelets off, leaving me with only 13 rounds to go – woo hoo!  As usual, it leaves me tired & a little bitchy.  When I get home, I generally nap for the rest of the day; which doesn’t suck when you think about it.  They should really rename chemo:  “Chemotherapy, an excuse to nap & whine like a baby”.   See?  Not that bad when you look at it THAT way!

I was able to bring the beads that Michele & I made.  I made Michele pose for a photo of her wearing the ones she made, Wonder Woman-style.  I think she looks adorable, but I’m sure she’s going to KILL me for posting it.  Anywho, here she is:
And here’s the basket o’ bracelets that I left for other women:
I hope that others will take advantage of our little way to mark the chemo countdown.

Yesterday, I went to see Dr. Morrissey in the morning, & he removed my stitches.  Of course, that came with my new instructions to keep putting gauze on it, & ripping it off to remove the dead skin.  Boy, I hope you didn’t eat anything before you began to read this, cause that’s just gross & uncalled for.

The afternoon was spent going back over to the oncologist for my favourite thing in the world (NOT), my Neulasta shot.  Ugh.  Today I’ve been hurting, but I’ve also been spending as much time as humanly possible asleep.  Babies have got nothing on me!

Upcoming is round 4 of chemo, as well as another bracelet taken off.  That, to me anyway, is cause for a big ol’ “Woo Hoo”!

I still have to tell you why I’m going to write a “Big Head” blog entry, but tonight isn’t the night (Big hint – the BIG OL’ PICTURE OF ME staring at you where it wasn’t before.  Ugh.) After all this watching tv & writing my blog, I need a nap!  Giggle. I’ll try to write more in the next few days, as there’s more to tell you about.

I’ll end tonight, however, with a heart felt, God Bless You, Christine & Don.  

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