Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No doctors for a week!!!

I’m sorry!  I’ve been meaning to say Thank You to all of you who’ve taken the time to sign my guest book, leave a comment, or send me a private email.  I know it sounds sappy, but they’ve meant the world to me. 

I went to see Dr. Morrissey yesterday, & he says that everything looks good.  I guess, if you don’t mind a big ol’ crater where teen boob used to be – sigh.  I think most women could handle being flat chested, but, concave?  Not so much.  Oh, well, it’s only temporary.

On the bright side, I don’t have to go to another doctor for over a WEEK!  I’m thrilled.  I go back to see Dr. Morrissey on Wednesday the 13th.  He has to “sign off”, meaning that I’m well enough to begin chemo.  Then, I start that the following day, the 14th & it should be interesting.  I mean, I’ve heard all kinds of things about it. 

Of course, there’re the horror stories about how sick I’m going to get, & all this other stuff.  However, both Dr. Nakajima & Dr. Seisholtz say that it’s different now.  They have medications that reduce the nausea & bring up the blood count.  In fact, Dr. Seisholtz said that he doesn’t want me losing weight, & that I shouldn’t because it’s no longer necessary!  Um, what?

OK, folks, there are very few perks to having cancer.  The first one that I missed out on was the tummy tuck.  Remember?  They were going to harvest fat from my abdomen to use to reconstruct my new boob, & then you’d get a tummy tuck afterward.  But, noooooo, I didn’t qualify for that because of all the surgeries I’ve had for endometriosis.  Bummer!  Then, I was thinking that with chemo, I’m going to lose weight.  And yet another big NOOOOO!  So now I’ve missed out on the two big bonuses to having breast cancer.

But on the bright side, it’s really a good thing that I won’t be so nauseous that I’ll end up losing weight.  Who really wants to be queasy when so many wonderful women have been bringing over such amazing food?  I’m serious here, folks, you wouldn’t believe the food that’s been coming to my house.  I’m hoping that after all this is over, the ladies will volunteer their recipes & I can share them here.  Hint, hint kind ladies!

And as for the fat to make New Boob, attempt #2?  Lord knows that I have enough to make some mondo boobies.  But there’s also a possibility (remote, but then again, it’s me) that my body may re-absorb the fat.  At least this way, I can go as big as I want.  So there’s that.


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