Monday, January 18, 2010

How to turn the sound down

I turned the music off completely. Figured that it can give folks a headache!

Tomorrow, Matt & I will head up for what is more than likely my first round of chemo. I say more than likely because Matt has some questions for Dr. Seisholtz. He wants to be sure that there's no way I can qualify for the experimental drug. I don't think so, but, we want to be sure. Whatever is out there that can increase my chances of long term survival, we want to know about. And, if it's just a matter of waiting another week, then so be it.

This weekend, I'll be shaving my head. They say that most folks don't usually begin to lose their hair for about a week or two after the first treatment. But, might as well get used to it! Plus, I'm a little excited about wearing wigs. It takes forever to do my hair right now. AND, imagine how much time I'm going to save in the shower!

OK, I'll let you know how tomorrow goes. Wish me luck!

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