Monday, April 18, 2011

More stuff that's rolling around in my head

Before I begin, I posted a few more articles for Patch. One is called, "I'm not remotely interested", where I tell about remote control over load in our home! I can't even turn a TV on anymore. Another one is called, "In this corner, the Easter Bunny". Self explanatory. Okey doke; on to what's going on!

You might want to check out Breast Cancer Action on Facebook. They're shining light on the fact that many companies are profiting from breast cancer. Did you know that Susan G. Komen only spends around 17% of the funds they raise for research?

You may also be surprised at how companies that supposedly support breast cancer research are actually profiting (big time) from it, and how little of the proceeds of their product goes to research. They can legally say, "20% of the proceeds goes to breast cancer research". What they don't tell you is that there's a ceiling of how much they plan to donate. Often times, that ceiling is relatively low, like a mere $20,000. Once they've reached that amount, all of the proceeds go directly into their pockets. Kind of pisses you off, right? Another blog that's putting these companies in the spotlight is "Think before you Pink".

Another thing that annoys me is the stupid Facebook trends. Seriously, how callous is it to use the colour of one's bra to "raise awareness"? Do the women who start these things stop & think that someone like me no longer wears a bra! Or that I have to buy special bras to accommodate my prosthetic.

Don't get me wrong; I know that the intentions are genuine, and that women, by our very nature, want to help. The thing is, everyone's pretty much aware of breast cancer by now. Could we possibly turn our attention to finding an actual cure?

OK, I'll get off my soap box! On to the update.

I go see my new booby daddy on May 20th. We'll hopefully be scheduling surgery that day. If I'm being honest, one part of me is freaking out excited. The other part, the part that doesn't like pain, is nervous.

The cool thing is that the doctor in Philadelphia says he can do a "TRAM" flap reconstruction. That's where they take tissue and skin from my abdomen & move it up. I'll get a tummy tuck from the thing - woo hoo! 

It's supposed to take about 4-6 weeks to recuperate. Yikes!  That doesn't bode well in the pain department. But I'm really looking forward to not having this feeling of tightness where my right breast was. It's a 24 hour reminder of what happened to me. So, I'll suck it up. And of course, tell you all about it.

And now off the subject – again. Guess what Matt bought me? A freakin' Blackberry!! It's kind of like handing me the keys to the space shuttle & saying, "Let's see what happens". Nothing good can come of this.

I managed to hook it up to Facebook & my email. The only reason I was able to do so was because there was a step by step tutorial about it online. The only problem was, every time I got an email or if someone commented on my Facebook, the phone would chirp some type of noise or another. I was going crazy, and actually turned it off. Then my editor, Josh, showed me how to fix it so that it only makes noise when someone's actually calling me.

You know what? I think there's an article in there somewhere!

If you feel like it, you can "like" my "Brunette Lucy" fan page on Facebook. That makes me laugh really hard – fan page; I have all of 33 "fans" (giggle). Sounds dumb. But, apparently, it's the way of the world, so I did it.

OK, happy campers, I'm off to play with my Blackberry! Wait, I should amend that - I'm off to be laughed at by my Blackberry. Technology is so cruel.

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