Sunday, November 18, 2018

Three weeks ago a light went out
you moved it from it's place
The light was getting weaker there
We could see it in your face
It shined so bright and for so long
It showed us all the way
The fact that it was on all the time
Helped us through our day
Your glow was always that of morning shine
and afternoons of fun
We never wanted to think about the setting of the sun
Your light has moved and not visible
in any normal speaking sense
But for those you love, the heat and
focus are becoming more intense.
So, when I need your help, and I'm overwhelmed
with days that I can't handle
I'll relocate your light again in the flicker of a candle

-Your Knight, Your Love 

Yes, it's been three weeks, life goes on...
Mine is stuck....I've got to get back on track...

Thank you to all that have encouraged me to continue Tamara's blog and I promise this is the last bummer post. Promise.

Tamara was the most positive person anyone would ever have the pleasure to meet, she was the yin to my yang. I want to be her yin from now on.

I said I'd tell you all what happened...

When stage four reared it's ugly head we immediately made the battle plan to do whatever was necessary to stave off the inevitable.... it's inevitable 

On December 24th 2015, yes Christmas Eve, Tamara underwent hysterectomy surgery so that the new chemo drug "Ibrance"  would be effective. She did this because she never went through menopause and this drug is meant for post-menopausal women.

Funny story here, yes we're talking about Tamara there's always a funny story.

Before surgery the anesthesiologist came in to introduce himself and prepare Tam for what will happen next (poor guy probably didn't realize that Tam has been through a dozen surgeries before this)  

He instructed Tam to remove all jewelry...yes Tamara went to an early morning, scheduled surgery, wearing her watch, bracelet, necklace, earrings and rings on her fingers. Not to mention she got up extra early so she could get on her makeup (false eyelashes included)

She removed all of it except her wedding ring... He's all "please remove all of it because we don't want any swelling and complications while you're under"...Makes sense too me, I'm all safety and pragmatist I said Tam it's okay we've done this over and over take it off.

Tamara, the forever romantic...asked him why he would be the first anesthesiologist ever to insist that she remove her wedding ring. He again explained the dangers and I convinced her to begrudgingly remove the ring that has never left her hand in 27 years.

Well like a tree that has a rope on it as a sapling grows, so do you fingers...In comes nurses with vaseline then baby oil then a string to somehow wrap around the ring and finger to magically remove the ring. Finally they brought in a doctor with an industrial pair of wire cutters and snapped in off and handed it to me.

Off she went to surgery and all went well.

Of course I had it repaired. I returned it to her finger and didn't remove it until three weeks ago today.

Okay that was the last bummer....promise


Terri High said...

Matt, I love the way you have always honored Tami, everyday, no matter what in sickness or in health. You are and always will be her Knight in shining armor. Love you my friend.����������������

Michele said...

I'll bet Tam is whispering in your ear for you to keep writing and telling her story. You keep at it.

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