Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

Give us this day and our daily bread.
It's not just a prayer that we say before bed.

It's a way of saying thanks for all that we've got.
Even if what we have doesn't seem like a lot.

It means to cherish each day, and not rush too fast.
Because luckily we don't know which day will be last.

Want only in life the things that you earn and are giv'n.
And you'll always get more than you want out of liv'n.

This is my toast and my little way.
Of saying thanks on this Thanksgiving day.

I wrote that poem for my family years ago,
and I still mean every word...

Today am I thankful?    Yes, a friend reminded me that I HAVE what most men aspire, and some never achieve.... 30 wonderful years with the love of my life, successful, healthy, supportive kids. Many friends and jobs that I really love... Thanks God.

Back to Tam's blog:

Yay 2016... Tamara is on Ibrance and letrozol oral chemotherapy, this combination was supposed to stop the progression of cancer for two years...stop. the. progression. In a study of X amount of patients vs Y patients we were happy to hear it. Stop the progression for two years, hell in two years they'll have a cure, right? 

 I don't know how other people and they're spouses are expected to deal with cancer, but for us, it was "okay we got this, we got a plan and we're going to beat this"...never say never...please dear readers never, ever say never...We went on with our LIFE and woke each day forging a future for our family.... Our daughter Elyse was engaged, and there was a future...a shower to plan, a wedding to plan.... (beautiful wedding by the way) a new job (turned into a godsend) ...more friends...more life...more LIVING...Tamara was keeping up with her scans and trudging along with cancer constantly on her mind,  For six months......then

In June, just as we line up to start our new career in title search, excited to do something different with loads of benefits and insurance, Tamara goes for her 6 month scan.... nervous as hell, for this particular test, because it was a brain MRI. Tam is claustrophobic as hell and hated this test like no other.... I know in earlier posts that she described in great detail the anxieties she would have, and I would ask anybody who has not read Tam's blog before to go back and read it, she is waaay more entertaining.

(Tam speak) Anywho, Brain MRI

Tam took two Xanax before the MRI so she could tolerate the clicking, stiff, uncomfortable, claustrophobic machine....and fell asleep during the procedure...The next day she was told that there was some activity/cautious looking spots throughout her brain. I told her that since she fell asleep that what they were seeing was just "dream activity"...cause I'm a doctor or something, right?....It calmed us for the day... NOT... they told her on a Friday....What the a EFF, a whole weekend to GOOGLE brain cancer, not cool....

what she went through....

On Monday they told her that it was, METS (metastasis)... she would need whole head radiation... she was fitted for a mesh "mask" for her face...what is that? 
It's where they wrap your head in a plastic "paper mache" and let it "set" while you lay there like a rock...horrible

10 "rounds" of radiation was in order...That's going to the doctor every day for two weeks, ya get weekends off...woohoo...On one of her last "rounds" as she was checking in I watched....I was sitting there with kindle making believe I'm reading...but I watched... Tamara was working the room, complementing the staff  "wow, y'all look so pretty today!" and chatting up the other patents in the waiting room, she then sat next to me and a woman I thought that she knew from earlier that week. Tam started telling her how handsome her son looked on her previous visit, and how she hoped everything would be okay for her future, you know Tam stuff...Tam was called back...The girl at the counter said "It's so nice that you have a friend like her" to the woman that Tamara was chatting with... "her?" the woman said, "I just met her now, but she just made me feel good"...I'm like, Yeah she did...that's what she did...She made you feel good.

One week later, as I was in the office collecting taxes on a Saturday, Tamara called me and said we need to go to the hospital!! I didn't hang up, I locked the door and ran like hell to our room. Tam told me that she "thinks" she had a seizure and woke up on the floor... Ah yeah, we need to go to the hospital. A weekend of tests and bed rest was everything that she needed, and hated... what she had was a swelling in her noggin from all the radiation and was ordered up two weeks of steroid meds to relieve the throbbing. Steroids have they're own nasty side effect issues as well but "ya gots to do what ya gots to do" was her motto.

The results of the radiation where good, her radiologist, eh, not so good. My daughter Elyse accompanied Tamara to a follow up with said radiologist.

Up next Mini T

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