Saturday, February 26, 2011

My latest article, "Cell me something new". It's on a few Patches this morning, & is about my lack of cell phone skills. Which is now the stuff of legends - people don't believe that I'm this dumb.

And now for something completely different.

I had my hernia surgery on Tuesday, & all went well. The thing is, the actual surgery was only half an hour, but I was there for 6! Plus, they were busier than a one legged river dancer, so I was in post-op recovery for almost 2 hours. 

I'm thoroughly convinced that whoever invented those gurneys they put you on has never had the misfortune to lie in one! There's a layer of "padding", but it's about as cushy as a rock. The "pillows" you get? They're about as thin as a blanket, and are covered by some type of rubber. I understand that, though, as I'm sure there's a lot of drooling that goes on; depending upon your surgery. One would just hope that they do, indeed, hose the little pad off before they put on a new pillow case. Trust me, when you're lying in a room with nothing to keep your mind occupied for almost 2 hours, plus you've just been sliced & diced, your mind tends to think of these things.

All in all, it went well, I'm home, but it hurts. I guess if you think about it, that's probably not a bad thing. It means that stuff is behaving as it should.

Next Friday, I go to Fox Chase Cancer Center to meet with Dr. Neal Topham. He's some big shot plastic surgeon. He does micro surgery, which means he attaches blood vessels. The big bonus of this is that he can take donor tissue from anywhere to do the reconstruction. If the blood vessels aren't attached, the tissue dies - and that's not something I want. Plus, Dr. Morrissey said that without that, the skin from the donor site might not match the original skin. Ugh. So, yeah, I'm a little excited about that.

Big, big, big bonus? Matt's taking me out to dinner when we're done. Woo Hoo! Hey, I don't get out much; I'll take what I can get.

OK, I'll keep you posted. Oh, & feel free to comment on my Patch article (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, know what I mean?).

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