Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Baaacccckkkk!!! (giggle)

Hi, everyone!

Lots of stuff has been happening, so I haven't been updating this blog lately.  There's a lot to talk about.

First, did you know that the Susan G. Komen Foundation spends a great deal of time (and a chunk of the money supposedly raised for cancer) suing smaller charities?  Apparently, they feel that they own the words "for the cure".  I wonder if the band, "The Cure" has an issue with that?

One lady, Susan Prom, who lives in a small Minnesota town had organized something called "Mush for the Cure" (dogsled race), & got ordered to call it something else.  She'd already ordered t-shirts & other things that she couldn't take back.  You can read the article about it here.  Here's an excerpt from the link I gave you for Susan:

When we first started Mush for a Cure Komen wasn't interested in our money because it wasn't a sizeable enough amount. We couldn't use the Komen name in advertisin­­g unless we guaranteed a large amount of money which we couldn't do. The 1st year, 2007, the mushers raised $8000, in 2008 just $13,000, in 2009 $25,000, in 2010 $30,000 and now Komen is paying attention because it's finally a significan­­t amount of money.

I know, right?  It kind of makes you sick.  It should be the "Race to Line Susan G. Komen's pocket".  It would be more accurate.

Plus, I don't know about you guys, but when I was in the thick of it, I didn't get one bit of support from them.  But I DID, however, get TONS from the American Cancer Society.  Honestly, I'm a bit worried as I write this.  What if they find out about what I said & sue me?  I'm not trying to be facetious here, it's just that all you have to do is Google "Susan G. Komen Sues", & boy will you get an eyeful.  I just thought I'd let you guys know about this, especially now that there are constant commercials for the "3 Day Walk for the Cure".  

Ever wonder how much of the funds they raise goes to advertising?  I'd just LOVE to know what the break down of actual cancer research vs. advertising, executive salaries, & keeping a slew of attorneys on hand 24/7 comes out to be.  

And, did you know that when you send in those Yoplait lids (or whatever yogurt it is) in, you're being hoodwinked there as well.  If you read the small print, they have a cap on the amount of funds that they donate.  Once that cap (& it's pretty small, if you asked me) is reached, you're just paying extra to line the yogurt maker's pockets.

It really sickens me that there are so many charities out there that do very little towards finding a cure for cancer – any cancer.  Yet, they have people working for them that make quite a decent living.  Oh, & lawyers – lots & lots of lawyers!

If I hear from Komen, I'll let you know!

OK, now on to happy things!

I've gone back to work writing my Brunette Lucy column.  AOL has started an online newspaper called "Patch"; they're in about 20 states so far, & will hopefully be growing.  They focus on the news & things to do in their given city or area; so when I originally approached my awesome editor, Josh Popichak, even though he liked my writing, he didn't think he could use it.  I didn't give it another thought.

Then, about two weeks later, he contacted me & said he could use it!  I was sooo happy, because after dealing with this dumb cancer, I was ready to get back to work.  NOW, my article is being run by about 10 different cities within the Patch network.  My homepage, however, is here.  If you have any comments on the column, feel free to leave them!  And if you can think of something you'd like me to write about, let me know.

Ooh, & the Hellertown Patch is on Facebook – would you "like" it?  I, too, am now on Facebook.  You can check it out here.  If you "like" my page, you can get updated on when my new weekly article is up.  The most recent, "Surviving Valentine's Day" was the first to be run by a big ol' mess of cities.  


When I was at Dr. Morrissey's (my booby daddy) office, he was checking out places to take fat for reconstruction.  That's when he looked at me & said that he was pretty sure I have a hernia.  Sure enough, I do.  Some days!!!  I'll be having surgery on February 22nd to correct the problem.  On the bright side, Dr. Morrissey said that I don't have much fat on my stomach – it's been the hernia that's protruding.  Have I mentioned that I really like Dr. Morrissey (giggle)?

Additionally, due to all those surgeries I had to have after the mastectomy (for the massive staph infection); I'll probably need a micro surgeon for reconstruction.  I may end up going to Philadelphia for my "addaboobtome".  Boy, why can't anything having to do with this dumb cancer be easy??

But, on the bright side – I'm here!  And maybe I'll get me a set of perky boobies.  Mmmmm, perky boobies.

Feel free to leave your comments here or on Facebook!  And, thanks.  Your support has been awesome during this battle.


Michele said...

The more i've read about the Komen foundation, the more disillusioned I've become with them and their outfit. It seems it's all about the money. My complete last straw was when I saw that they teamed up with KFC for "Buckets for the Cure". Kome would get 50-cents of each pink bucket of chicken they sold.

Yeast Infection said...

In the image you have balder your hair. And that is looking very unusual. You are looking very beautiful with your hairs. And the images are very beautiful.

Tamara Kells said...

I agree, Michele! And, thanks for the compliment, Yeast Infection!

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