Sunday, June 13, 2010

Done with Chemo. . And, Speaking of Tattoos

Wednesday, we went to get my last super duper triple dose of Taxol.  My LAST ONE, people!  My journey isn’t over yet, but boy, it sure is good to say I did the last of something; anything related to this darned cancer.

Bonus, I didn’t have to meet with Captain Compassion or his trusty side kick.  I met with a different doctor, Dr. Spears.  He was VERY nice.  I was pretty upset that I didn’t have him all along.  I’d consider staying with Buxs Mont for the follow up care, if I knew that Dr. Spears would be my doctor.  But, then there’s the chronic lateness to deal with, so, maybe not.  Here’s what I mean.

We got there at 9:00 am, as per our appointment, which was written on the appointment card that was at home, stapled to my calendar.  We sat down, & a couple of people came in after us.  The nurse came out & called for one of those people.  I thought that maybe they had an 8:45 appt.  After another 10-15 minutes, the nurse came out & called another person who was there after us.  By the third time, I stopped the nurse & asked when we would be taken back.  She said we’d be next.  While doing my blood pressure, I asked her why we were passed over.  Turns out, even though I was scheduled for 9:00, SHE had me on the schedule for 10:15.  Ugh. 

So, I was up early for nothing (& we all know how much I LOVE getting up in the mornings *cough, cough, NOT, cough, cough*), & didn’t get hooked up until 11:00.  Michele, who was going to come get me at 1:00, didn’t need to get there until 3:00.  We got out of there at 3:15.  I was bummed, because her neighbor is a landscape artist & had a boat load of plants on her lawn for ONE DOLLAR!  I was hoping to have time to peruse through them, but that wasn’t to be.

Soooo, the constant lateness on the part of the doctors (remember other posts) & the (not often, & not their faults) mis-timing between the nurse & the scheduling add to my joy at not having to go back.

Wait, I’m not telling the truth.  Thursday, I had my LAST Neulasta shot.  Another thing I don’t have to do!  Woo Hoo!  Still, I’ll have to live with the side effects of it for another 2-3 weeks.  But for me to say it’s my last time, it’s worth it, people!!

I’ll meet with Dr. Cardiges (I think that’s his name – will check & take his photo & let you know) the first week of July, again, I think.  I really should keep better records of who I see & when!  That’s when he’ll do his tattoo mapping that I spoke so lovingly about last post.  Can ya’ tell I’m a little nervous about all this tattooing?

Speaking of Tattoos . . . . . .

Matt reminded me of a cute story about our Elyse.

All of their lives, we told the kids that we’d buy any tattoo they ever wanted, as many as they wanted, & whatever they wanted it to say.  The caveat, however, was that WE get to pick the first one, where it goes & what it says.

Knowing this, Elyse accompanied her friend, Brittany (hi, sweetie, you know we still love you even though you got “tatt’d”) to a tattoo parlor.  Brit wanted a really nice bible verse on her wrist; ask & ye shall receive.  With the correct amount of money, that is!

Now, if you’ve ever watched the tv series, “King of the Hill”, then you know the character named Boomhauer.  He has his own, special way of speaking, which has a tendency to be hard to understand.  Apparently, Brittany's "artist" both looked & sounded just like him. Here’s a photo & a short trailer from the show, just to give you an idea of what Elyse was up against.

Like her mother, Elyse has a hard time keeping quiet.  So, while Brittany was being tattooed, she began to talk, garnering “Boomhauer’s” occasional grunts.  Then, ol’ Boom asked her if she would like a tattoo herself.  And, that’s when this discussion took place:

E:       Oh, my mom & dad said that I could have any tattoo I want, as many as I want, & they’d pay for them.
B:       Dang ol’, wow!
E:       There’s a catch, though.  The first one I get has to be one that they pick out, & it has to be where they say.
B:       What’d they want you to get, a dang ol’ cross?
E:       Nope.
B:       A bible verse, like this here?

Now, before thinking about where she was at & to whom she was speaking, she happily answered.

E:       Nope.  They said it would have to be a big “L”, in the middle of, & as big as, my forehead.

Elyse was very grateful that ol’ Boomhauer had a good sense of humour, because she said you could hear a pin drop in the store.  He started laughing, which she felt help save her & her best friend’s lives.  We’re eternally grateful to you, Mr. Tattoo Boomhauer, where ever you are.

Yup, she’s going to be a full fledged, bona fide Lucy right soon!


My daughter, Aubrie, is one of the most creative (& brilliant) people you’ll ever run across.  She taught herself to play guitar & keyboards.  She taught herself computer graphic arts, & has been working for her father for two years.  Customers come in just for her to design their logos.  I could go on & on, but you get the idea.  When she puts her mind to learn how to do something, it’s as good as done.

As I first began chemo, I decided to knit a scarf to help pass the time.  Aubrie asked if I’d show her how to knit, & I showed her what little I knew, which was straight knitting or purling; scarves only.  This sparked her interest, & she began to teach herself to knit.  And, boy, can that girl knit!  She can start a hat in the morning & be done with it a few hours later.  She taught herself new stitches, learned how to add different colours, & began pumping out the cutest hats you ever saw.

Now, she has her own website to sell her beautiful creations, which include her custom t-shirts.  If you’d like to take a look at it, the name is awberry” (just click on the name).  FYI, growing up, Aubrie’s grandfather called her “Aubrie Strawberry”.  It kind of stuck.

Can you tell I’m one proud mom??

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