Monday, May 17, 2010

Captain Compassion

Yet again, forgive the length of time between posts.  So much goes on when you have stupid booby cancer!  But, here’s the update.

I had my first triple dose of Taxol.  I was supposed to meet with Dr. Seisholtz at 11:15 am.  We didn’t see him until 12:30 & all he said was, “Sorry I’m late”.  You know, if the rest of us lived our lives like that, we wouldn’t have a job. 

Anyway, I showed him my CAT scans showing the extent of my endometriosis & scar tissue.  I also brought him over 40 pages of research from women who’ve had the same painful reaction to this poison, & he didn’t even bother looking at it.  I can’t believe that I felt I had to do that, but, there you go.  He still seems to think that I’m exaggerating how I’m feeing.  “Nobody else is having this type of reaction”, he says.
In Steve Martin’s words, “Well, excuuuuuussssssseeeeeee me!”

I had my Neulasta shot on Thursday, & as usual, that hasn’t been a walk in the park.  In fact, I’d forgotten how horrible it was.  But, again, I’d chosen the express chemo option, so I won’t have to deal with the Earl of Empathy or his trusty side kick, Brun Hilda, ever again.  Even if I have to have further treatment, it sure won’t be there! 

The only thing is, I like the nurses.  They’re very sweet, & none of this is their fault.  In fact, they’ve been my confidantes about Captain Compassion.  And apparently, ol’ Hilda has herself a bit of a reputation around there.  I don’t want to say more, since I think she read my blog from last time.  I don’t want to get any of the nice nurses into trouble for conspiring with me.  I say that I think Brun Hilda read my blog because that would explain the glaring looks she was shooting my way, followed by ignoring me completely.  She may have thought she was “showing me”, but I thought it was extremely funny & had a hard time keeping a straight face.  In fact, Elyse & I about got ourselves into a car accident because we were laughing so hard when we got out.  I’ve been glared into my place & taught a lesson!  Apparently – giggle.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, wait, I almost forgot to tell you!  While you’re sitting in the chair getting chemoed up, the nurses make your upcoming appointments for you.  Turns out, since I’m going for the rapid fire version of chemo, I have to see a doctor at each of the last two visits.  We were setting up the time, & I was told I’d be seeing ol’ Hilda, or whatever her name is.  I sat up & said, oh no, I’m not!  I gave a very brief explanation as to why I’ll never be in a room with Nurse Nasty ever again. 

Now, girls, you know how when a group of you know something negative about someone or simply don’t like them?  There’s that “look” that travels between the lot of you when that person is brought up, but for some reason or another, you just can’t say anything? Well, that looked went around the room faster than measles in Kindergarten.  I could be wrong, but, I got confirmation from one of the nurses later.  ‘Nuff said.

Okey doke, complaining is done for tonight!

I have good news (for me)!!!  I don’t have to do anything or go anywhere the rest of this week – yee haw!  Yet, when I think about it, after a week of not having anywhere to go, I get all antsy & decide that I have to get out.  Man, I’m SO hard to please!  Sigh.

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