Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Beginning

When I turned 40, my doctor gave me the forms to go get a mammogram.  And again, when I turned 41.  Of course, there was no breast cancer in my family, so I put it off.  I’d also heard how awful mammograms were, & that gave me yet another excuse.  I continued this stupid dance for years. 

Then, one day before we were to go on vacation, I discovered a lump in my breast.  I knew that I had to act normally for the kids, so, off we went.  As soon as I got back, I scheduled my appointment. 

My family doctor didn’t think it was anything to be concerned about.  Still, he wanted me to have a mammogram.  Oh, all right already! I went to get what I had dreaded all my life.  I wasn’t concerned, though, as I thought it was normal.  I got my book & was on my way.  Of course, this was after all the whining, moaning & groaning about this MAJOR inconvenience.

I was taken to a private changing room (very nice), & told to get ready.  From there, I was led to the “booby smashing room”, also known as the mammogram testing area.  I had the first set of x-rays, & was escorted back to my private sitting room, where I continued to read my book.  I was completely unaware that anything was wrong.

 (This is where I went)
I have to say at this point that the mammogram was nowhere NEAR as bad as I’d heard.  It was a little uncomfortable, but, once they took the x-ray, the plate immediately releases.  Ladies, if you’ve had children, then trust me, the mammo is nothing!  Honestly, I’m a big whiner, so if I didn’t mind it so much, neither will you.  Please don’t let that be an excuse not to get one.  OK, back to the story.

My ex-ray tech, Beth, came back into my little room, & told me that the doctor wanted to take another set.  This time, when I got into the booby smashing room, I saw the film of my original mammogram, but it had big circles on it.  This was my first idea that something was wrong.  After that set, I was taken back to my room.

Beth returned shortly, & said that the doctor now wanted to do an ultrasound.  Now, I KNEW something was up.  Of course, the techs were very close mouthed. 

I was taken to another room, & met another woman, who said she’d be my ultrasound tech.  I wanted to say, “And I’ll supply the boobs”, but, I was pretty sure she’d heard that before.  I was there for a while, as she took lots & lots of pictures, & used lots & lots of gel.  Lilliputians could have skied off my boobs.  But, on the bright side, she wasn’t smashing them.  So, there’s that.

Finally, I met with the radiologist, who told me that I had 3 suspicious areas on my right breast, & one on my left.  I needed a biopsy.  Now, between us, Skippy the Radiologist looked like he’d just graduated high school.  I felt like giving him a pop quiz.  He told me I had to have both breasts biopsied.  Ugh. 

Up next, the biopsy.

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