Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Last installment on Patch!

The final installment of my long battle with breast cancer is up. Here's one of the cities that carry it:

My Battle with Breast Cancer: Radiation & Reconstruction

And like I've promised, this weekend, I'm going to tackle what me & other breast cancer survivors have taken to calling the "pinkwashing" of America. I hope you'll read that.

If you've been reading me for any length of time, you know that I'm never political or controversial. That being said, we're gearing up to elect a president in November. If you have decent insurance, please check with them about what will happen if Obamacare goes into effect as it's written. I know that my doctors have told me that they're worried about whether or not they'll be able to continue to take medicare patients - that's just one of the many concerns. The claim that you'll still have your doctor is just that - a claim. PLEASE, check with your doctor, your hospital, your insurance company to be sure that you'll still be seeing them if Obamacare is implemented in its entirety. 

When Obama's website told me to "vote with my lady parts", I'm taking him up on that. My biggest lady part is my brain; which I plan to use to vote. Him out.

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Cheryl said...

By the way, the Mary Kay Foundation gives 97% of its contributions to cancer research and programs to end domestic violence. Only 3% goes to administrative costs. Also, according to the U.S Better Business Bureau, charities are required to give 65% of contributions to their respective causes...http://www.marykayfoundation.org/Pages/HelpNow.aspx

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