Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hi, Everyone,

Yet again, I'm behind! Sorry! I have an article that I'm writing to describe the reconstruction process, which I'll post soon. 

I want to say, again, that if your doctor recommends a mastectomy, please consider it! It was a hard decision (I wrote about that in Mastectomy  - the hardest, and probably best, decision I ever made), but it was the best decision for me. Having a breast removed is hands down one of the worst things a woman can hear; my stomach hit the floor. BUT, these days, they can do amazing things! My plastic surgeon is Dr. Neal Topham of Fox Chase Cancer Center - I wrote about him in "New boobies are coming, new boobies are coming" (you can see a photo of him in that article). He's very quiet, but he does amazing work! I thought that due to all the surgeries I'd had on my abdomen due to c-sections and endometriosis I wouldn't be a candidate for the TRAM flap. Most other surgeons would have agreed - not Dr. Topham. You should SEE my new boob! It's awesome. Plus, I got a tummy tuck. So there really, truly is light at the end of the tunnel. I'll post the full, in depth process in about a week. 

Also, my column is going crazy! People are actually reading my drivel. It's a Festivus for the Rest of Us miracle. My latest one, "Would you Buy a Smart Car" has lit up the comment sections in all the cities I'm being carried. I've provided the link to Upper Southampton, where a guy was really a snot. I thought the girl that he tried to lambast made him look like a troll. Good for her!

OK, back to laying down & moaning. I had an implant put in ol' lefty on Thursday, and it feels like my rib is broken. Besides, moaning & groaning is one of the few things I do with such staggering efficiency. Will write more.

PS Did you SEE that BreastCancerBlogs.Org gave me a badge for being one of the best breast cancer blogs? Folks, this is a sad state of affairs when people are giving ME any type of award, badge, or recognition. It only encourages me to write more drivel. Well, anyways, now me & my big swollen head are off to bed to continue the aforementioned moaning and groaning.


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