Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mascara's magic wand

(Lucy rant at the end)

I've ditched the fake eyelashes!!  My eyelashes have come in – they're not long, but they're enough for me to reach for mascara.  Now when I see mascara commercials, I actually pay attention (& don't seethe with envy).  Never in my life did I think that putting it on would be such a highlight of my day.  But it is.  It's a milestone in my journey. 

Bonus, my eyebrows are fully grown in.  In fact, I actually had to tweeze them.  I TWEEZED them, people!  Again, something I never thought I would miss.  Yet, somehow, its part of being a woman, no matter how annoying.  When you've lost them, their return is met with unmitigated glee.  

When my port was taken out, I had to go into surgery with no makeup on.  Normally, that's OK.  Well, if I'm being honest, I really, really like my spackle.  Um, I mean, makeup.  But going out in public with no hair, no eyelashes or eyebrows isn't a pretty sight when you're running head long into 50 years old!  I put on dark, oversized sunglasses, so as not to scare the children.  You can get sued for less these days.

I'm almost done with radiation.  My last day will be September 7th or 8th.  I'm not exactly sure, since I messed up that one time, & may have a "do over".  Which will suck.  Really, really bad.

On the bright side, though, I'm over half way done.  And THAT, happy campers, is worthy of a Woo Hoo!

Embracing my inner Lucy:

Normally, my daughter, Elyse (who's opening her very own photography studio) takes pictures for me.  Well, she's at play practice tonight.  I'd wanted to take pictures of my eyes close up, so you could see my tiny little eyelashes.  Here's what happened:

I took the camera into the bathroom, because the shower curtain is white.  Figured it would be a good background, all nice & neutral.  I managed to turn the thing on, & pointed it at me.  The first shots were of the top of my head.  Great.  But at least I'd managed to press the right button, & actually took a few photos.  Yay, a ray of hope!

Next, I move the camera to what I think is going to be a shot of my face.  I hit the button, & instead of taking a picture, I turned the camera off.  I did that a couple of times.  In my defense, why do they have THREE buttons on the top of the camera?  Seriously, it's confusing.  I'd prematurely celebrated.

The only reason I knew that I'd been turning it on & off was the focus thingy kept going in & out.  And it only took me three times to realize why.  I thought it was auto focus. 

OK, so I think I've done all the Lucy things I could do, right?  Ha!  In order to get my eyes, I had to have the camera pretty close up.  It has a flash button.  After a couple of flashes, I was pretty much temporarily blind.  I couldn't figure out how to turn the flash off, so I had to wait for a few moments to see before I could walk out of the bathroom.  With my luck, I'd trip over the dog & go flying down the stairs.  Plus, I didn't want the other two kidlets laughing at me.

I pulled out the memory card to see what Little Miss Annie Leibovitz had done.  Unfortunately, I hadn't replaced the memory card from the last time I was downloading photos.  It was still in the computer.  I needed to find the cord thing to plug my camera into my computer.  

When I got done laughing at the odds of me finding it, I realized that it didn't matter.  The camera said, "memory full".  I have NO clue if I took a picture of my eyes, the walls, the shower curtain or the top of my head.  So there you have it, the reason I can't show you my tiny eyelashes. 

And now I need to go call the eye doctor.  I'm still seeing white flashes & my peripheral vision is gone.  Sigh.

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