Friday, September 24, 2010

Almost across the finish line!

Two weeks ago, Dr. Nakajima looked at the scans of my mastectomy site, including all the lymph nodes surrounding it.  He pronounced me cancer free.

Then, on Tuesday, I went to St. Luke's Regional Breast Center & had a mammogram on ol' lefty – my surviving breast.  They were careful to look at the lymph nodes on that side as well.  The doctor came in & told me to get dressed – there was no sign of cancer there!  I don't think he'd ever seen a 50 year old broad jump up & hug him that quickly.  I'm squirrely like that.

I have to re-iterate that there's NO OTHER place on God's green Earth that has a better mammogram team.  I'm so mad at myself for not getting the name of the sweet lady who actually did the mammogram this time around.  I know I probably saw her name tag, but I was super nervous.  She was awesome & we shared a laugh.  Let's just say we want to look pregnant - giggle. 

I got to meet "the hunk" of the Breast Center – the guy who read my results.  Honestly, though, he could have had a hump, a lisp, a peg leg & a parrot atop his shoulder, but I didn't notice a thing after he pronounced me cancer free.  Sorry, hunk dude.   

The fabulous Sue Folk came by to see me, which was great, since I'd made her a necklace.  She was so cute, she put it on even though she already had a necklace.  I gave her a draft of the first few pages of my book.  I have a feeling I might not hear the end of that next time I go!  She already teased me about not understanding "Onstar".

Then, there was Dr. Evil, Laurie Sebastiano; she's actually on St. Luke's billboards cause she's so pretty.  Well, that & she's really good at her job!  We just tease her about being evil; trust me, she's not.  She's a sweetheart that makes you feel at home.  She comes in with her music, & dances around.  It's really neat to see a doctor that doesn't have an air of superiority about them.  And she's the most compassionate woman you'll ever find – with children that are BEAUTIFUL!  Thanks for stopping by to see me, Laurie.

Tonya Christman, the Queen of ultra sound, also came by to say hi.  She's a doll baby, & I was touched that she took the time.  I also got to see baby pictures, & here I'm also kicking myself in the rear.  I believe it was Melanie's baby.  I'm thinking it wasn't Kristen.  Ladies, please forgive me for my memory gap.  I wanted to thank you, though.  Please don't kill me when I see you in 6 months!

I still have a PET scan to schedule, but I'm not exactly sure of when it's supposed to happen.  I'll ask Dr. Nakajima when I see him in December.  But for now, my prognosis is excellent. 

Tomorrow's my birthday & I'll turn 49.  Tonight my baby, Elyse, threw her arms around me & cried.  She was so relieved that I'm going to have not only this birthday, but many, many more.  She gets to, in her words, "keep my mommy".  And for the first time since my 30's, I'm going to celebrate my birthday.


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